Secure payment

Payment Methods

 We accept a number of secure and convenient payment methods:

You can place your order online, by telephone, or personally at our store. Different easy way to pay for your convenience:

1- Cash On Delivery – COD
This type of transaction the payment for purchased goods is made at the time of delivery of the items.

2- Wire transfers

They are available through OMT or Money Gram. Please transfer the total amount to “Chadi Badr” “Lebanon” at the nearest OMT/MoneyGram.
Next step, you need to send us the receipt number:
a- You can either send it by replying to the email you got from Systemco team
b- Or call us by phone /fax @ 01-696968

3- Onsite payment

You can head to our showroom and check the items you purchased present the invoice you have, pay and get your items.

4- Bank transfer

Please transfer the total amount to Beneficiary Name: “Systemco Sarl”

Swift: Bybalbbx

IBAN: LB5203900000002652006413002

Systemco sarl

Byblos bank

Jdeideh 1 branch